Animation suggestion

I want the male character to drag the female character off-screen. I used react_startled_surprised animation for the female character but what animation should I apply to male character to make it look like he is dragging the girl?


I think it depends a bit. Like are they together in the screen? Then it probably works best to use one of the animations of holding a cup and using layers and spot directing to make it look likes he grabs her. If you use a zoom or scene where the guy is not in the screen then you might think about using an overlay. Hope this helped, if it’s too vague just let me know!

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Yes, they are together on screen and using overlays is problematic. I mean I can’t use it until it gets approved by episode which takes roughly a week.

Yeah, I know they can take a while. But I think quality is the most important in a story so if it doesn’t look good with animations you might at least consider it. You just might have to wait a bit longer before you can publish

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Thanks <3. I’ll do as you suggested. It’s for the best.

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