ANIMATION: Swords and Monsters

I understand that Episode probably started off just being about Drama and Romance, but I think it’s time we get more Fantasy and Horror content, especially blades. A Fantasy story without swords is like a romance story without kissing. I would like some “monster costumes” for horror stories.


Agreed, but they just put up a Sci-Fi shelf, so things are moving in the right direction :slight_smile:


just letting you know, if you want something added you have to word it in a specific way

Clothing: Monster Costume

Or something like that.


Really? When? Are you talking about the Epy-Files?

Yup. It’s a step forward, I think. Hopefully there’ll be a fantasy shelf soon :slight_smile:

I guess Im not understanding the difference between a genre and a shelf.

I know. I mean for them to actually have monster costumes so we can easily have Bigfoot or Werewolf or something like that in the game. Also, giant monster props. Also, alien skin colors and alien ‘outfits’. That would be awesome to have.


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we do but they are in the classic style

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I totally support , we need such monster Animations like werewolf , Vampire, ghosts , big foot etc

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I already made a thread about swords ages ago. If you are going to ask for monster costumes they have to be in a separate thread. Format it properly.

Your thread is only asking for swords in Limelight and so doesn’t conflict with this thread, which is making a more general request. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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