ANIMATION: talk_crying for both genres!



More characters are crying. But it wouldn’t be great if the Episode team would add a new animation, with character talking while they are crying?
Or for the guys, if they are gang leaders in some stories… To have a knife in their hand. If you have in mind another animations , write them there in comments. :grin:


I believe there is already a thread about talking while crying here . Show your support there to have it noticed by the Episode team. Also, your title doesn’t follow the forum guidelines. :slight_smile:


I’ll make sure I’ll follow right the guidelines in future, Miss. :sweat_smile:


Some great requests here but the Feature Request topics must include only one request per thread. Please make sure to update this one so it doesn’t get closed. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Closing as this doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests. Cheers :v:t2: