Animation that’s still and makes the character look tied up

Hey so I’m desperately struggling on picking an animation that is still (since it’s meant to be a picture) and makes the character look tied up, I know the handcuff animation does look still but the character blinks around every 2 seconds which I cant have.

I would make my own overlays for arms and everything but this character is customisable so there’s a 9/10 chance the skin tone won’t match what the readers picked

Anyone got any suggestions?

(This is for limelight by the way)


This is super important :pensive: Anyone at all that has suggestions ?

The only ones that won’t blink or move are the ones with “pose” in the name. react_shocked_gasp_pose will work if she is tied up around the wrists, or react_terrified_pose would probably be okay as long as the rope tying her up is thick enough to cover her arms.

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Or you could try to make your own arm overlays, but just have the character wearing a long sleeved shirt, so if their arms are tied behind their back you won’t be able to see their skin tone.

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That’s such a good idea thank you! This was the type of thing I was going for -

(But limelight of course)

And Im thinking of using the long sleeved and then covering her hands with the rope.

Thank youuuuu I would’ve spent days trying to figure this out if it wasn’t for you

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Ah, gotcha! My apologies, I assumed you meant their hands would be tied behind their back. Yes, if she’s wearing a long sleeved shirt and has the rope covering her hands I’m sure that would work perfectly!

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