ANIMATION: the character falls abruptly in pain because they are attacked - punched, or shot

Hi! I am currently making an action story. I am going to have some characters attack the main the character but I am having trouble establishing his character. I want the character to fall when another character shots them with a gun or punches them really hard, but the only animation that shows this and would fit this somewhat is the fainting animation, which makes sense in some cases however in a serious action genre and with characters that are strong, and intelligent, this is a little out of character for them.


You can use the “run_fall” animation, but the fainting animation works well. It also depends what style you are using. LL, Ink, and Classic all have different animations.

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I am using LL. I appreciate your advise but how about for falling backwards abruptly, simultaneously showing shock and utter pain? I feel like the animations don’t show enough of what I am depicting for my characters. (I know I’m a little picky but I just want to create unique and strong characters.) Nonetheless, I appreciate your help, thanks. :grin :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you can use two animations. You can do the exhausted or cramped animation, and then do a fall or fainting animation. No problem. I can’t wait for your story! :slight_smile:

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Okay I’ll try. Thanks :wink:

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