Animation to make character look like their unpacking (ANSWERED)

I’m writing a story where the main character is moving to a new place, I’ve went through every animation but I can’t find the one I need. I want it to look like she’s unpacking her things. Thanks in advance!

something like this? @kelsey1

animation: tinker_kneel_loop

Yes thank you so much! I appreciate you helping me.

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np. :+1:t3:

Hi, hate to bother you again but I seen where you do cover art… I’m new and working on my first story if it wasn’t obvious lol. I’ve tried making a cover myself but it was a little too confusing. Do you think you could make one for me? It can be as simple as you’d like

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Thanks so much. My story is called ‘the new girl in town’ I had a few idea’s on how I wanted it to look like, maybe based at a subway station? but being that you’re kindly helping me you can make it however you’d like.

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do u want yr characters to be on the cover?

I was going to let the readers customize the MC, so if you’d like you could choose a random character to be on the cover.

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hm ok.

Great. Do you know when you’ll be able to work on it?

im working on it now.

Ok thanks, take all the time you need

I can get one done now (if you want)

If you want my here it is

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Thank you I appreciate you helping me! being that I already have someone else in the process of making me one (I’d hate to waste her time) do you think I should wait on her and use both if that’s possible or just use yours?

I don’t care

Use both if you want, but I won’t be offended if you don’t use mine

I’m definitely using yours, it looks great. Just don’t want to abandon her cover if she is making one for me. When I give you credit how do you want me to mention you? your Instagram?

My forum account and if you can, don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, my Episode account (TheNewKingdom)

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