Animation Update

Hi everyone!

In a release to the Writer’s Portal in the near future, we will be introducing an update to story animations and their appearance! Characters will now be able to emote more through their faces with each animation. We’ll update this post to let you know when the change is live for everyone.

To see the updated animations in the app, authors will need to republish their stories in the Portal, but any stories published for the first time after this change will automatically have the new animations.

Once you start seeing the feature in both the app and the Writer’s Portal, please post any feedback you have into our dedicated feedback thread! If you have any issues, as always, please submit a support ticket because it helps us better track the issue.



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Hi All!

Portal has been updated, and you should start seeing the updated animations.

Additionally, this portal update will also include some new eye poses, such as angry squint, along with the addition of furrowed brows.

As always, please let us know if you’re experiencing any issues!


Hi all,

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to share feedback and bugs you’ve been experiencing with the Animation Update. We’re sorry that this update did not go as well as we had hoped.

To give some more background, the animation changes were made as part of a tech update that would help our team to more efficiently create new animations with a wider range of emotions and movement. Additionally, we wanted to allow for characters to emote more with their faces through each animation.

We do, however, recognize that this change in its current form removed a lot of the subtlety that many in our community have grown accustomed to using and seeing. We also understand that this change may have inadvertently shifted the emotion and/or feel of some scenes that authors have very intentionally coded a certain way.

While a tech update will likely need to occur in the future, we will be rolling this update back asap. Please continue to share your positive and/or constructive feedback about the changes in this update in this thread. As we move forward with necessary tech changes we want to be sure we can incorporate as much of your feedback as possible

Again, THANK YOU for taking the time to share your detailed feedback with us.

With love,

The Episode Team


Please note that the rollback in animations has taken place.

In portal, you’ll need to refresh your browser window to see the old animations. If you already hit update on any of your stories while the new animations were live, you’ll need to hit the update button again.