ANIMATION : walk angry


When you let the characters fight and you want to let one of them walk offscreen, you need it.

They are screaming and angry and then you let one of them walk away and all the expression of anger is gone and back to happy go lucky haha so weird.

Who Wants The Walking With Anger Animation?

Yes, especially for INK this is SOOO needed!! Support!!


Yeah indeed it does :slight_smile:


This is a great idea! You have my full support! :grin:


Me 3




Aaand also, you can always use
@CHAR exits left AND CHAR does it while walk_exhausted
It looks like they’re annoyed.


You read my mind :smiley: I was just thinking about making suggestion for this :slight_smile:


So agree!!! :slight_smile:


Support :+1:t3:
I really wish we had this animation for INK.
It looks weird when the character walks away with a smile while the character is angry.


Support! :star2:




This would be dreams come true!




Yes!!! I agree


For sure agree!


I totally agree true how do we get that animation in a mobile creation.