Animation: Walk Backwards


Hey. I have seen in stories where people make the characters walk out of the screen facing the opposite way that they are walking (like a moonwalk). I’ve done it before (by accident) but I don’t even remember the code for it. :joy: Does anyone know how to do this?


Is it limelight or ink? I know the limelight code.




I dont think it’s available on ink ? Have you seen it in an ink style episode ?


I believe I’ve only seen it on Ink. I haven’t really seen it on limelight :thinking:


There’s one on limelight and the animation is called walk_neutral_backward_loop


I believe you just make them face the opposite direction, so if you want them to walk right make them face left.


Oh the code is easy. Have the character facing the other character and then write.
" @MC walks to screen left and MC faces right and MC is walk_neautral_loop"
and Obviously change directions as not all things are same.


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