Animation where it looks like they're opening a door

Hi! I’m trying to find the animation where it looks like the character is opening a door. Does anyone know what that is? It’s a rear animation with their back to the camera. I don’t think it’s actually meant for an opening door animation but I’ve seen it used for that. Thanks!

you can try one of the receive animations

Thanks for the suggestion but none of them really fit what I’m looking for :frowning:

Try the take animation. If you search it up in the animations catalog you should find it :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the suggestion but I want a rear animation :frowning:

What about this? holdwaist_give_start_rear

I just found an animation that works! Thanks everyone for your suggestions tho!

@Sydney_H could you close this for me please? :slight_smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: