I’m really new at this episode forums thing so I’m sorry if I put this topic in the wrong category. But anyways, I think that INK should get more options for hair and makeup. Limelight has many different options for hair colors that are more realistic towards the reader’s color ; also, limelight has many lip color options; like having matte lip colors or glossy lip colors. I honestly think this would be a great feature to have in the INK style.


Thank you! I’ll change it right now.


The INK style was made a long time ago. And they stopped making more features for ink. They are working on LL not Ink anymore. Sorry!


It’s sad though…Ink is awesome! :cry:


Hi! The title of this feature request currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads. Please review those guidelines and edit your thread to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks! :v:t2: