Animations are not working

When I script my character to do an animation, they just freeze.

Does anyone know why this is happening?


Can I see your script ? Also it might be a glitch .

I was testing out something when i realised that the animations wont work

i think its a glitch

Nvm I found it give me a min

Yea I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch because it dosent work on my side too . I’d suggest sending a episode support ticket .

Just sent one in, thanks for trying to help.

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This has been happening for a while but it’s nothing serious… it’s just weird!
But don’t worry, it’ll work just fine on the app.

Plus… this always tends to happen if you start a scene like this, rather than starting it with an intro.
Usually it’ll work if you preview from an earlier point in the script, rather than from the exact part you want to view.

But since you don’t have any other coding added… if you wish to preview the animation in action, just temporarily add @pause for 3 before the background, and preview from line 1.

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