Hello everyone,
I want to Episode team to do diversities and I am telling this ONLY because I love Episode.
As many of you noticed, there is a lack of diversity in, so I thought of suggesting an idea (or more) to add more things for diversity, and I believe diversity is very very important to all of us. (Do not forget to give a like . And I do not mind if it will be added only on one of the versions)
So, I would like Episode team to add more dances from many kinds, such as: Hip-hop, jazz, ballet, breakdance, belly dance even traditional dancings, like Ethiopian, Persian, Indian ones.
If you wanna see some examples, then click on the links:

Hip-hop dance

Ethiopian dance

Persian dance

Indian dance

I will not go into details much, so…

In addition, I think it would be great to add paired dances :blush:.

Reminder: Please do not forget to give a :heart: and I hope you will support this idea (and write down “support”)

NOTE: If you have any problem with the suggestion, then send me a message on PM. This is a support thread, not a thread to spread your negativity.
Please and thank you.


support but I don’t think it’s coming to INK they don’t use that software anymore :heart:

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But anyway, there should be diversity on something. I am writing a story in the Ink version, and I work on another story with limelight version.


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Support !


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OMGH! I love dancing sooo much. I’m glad you have those videos up! Here are some more videos that might help out with dance ideas for episode. lol

Hip Hop/freestyle w D-trix!

Belly Dance w Shakira!

Or my favorite of all time!

Types of Dances from A-Z




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There should also be some ballet/lyrical dances added too.

I support!!!




I need ballet animations for my story episode, please! I would love to have better dances that correlate to different dancing styles like the ones mentioned above so we could put them together into a beautifully choreographed dance

Support and bump!

I agree with those dances especially the belly dance