Animations dosent show up when you filter

have anyone els seen that some animation does not show when you filter

this is just for ink. cause that is what i use .i dont know if it is the same with limelight

if you search angry there is an animation called arms_crossed_angry. but it is not there if you filter angry . which is suppouse to show anrgu animations. there is also the animation talk_handsonhips. which wont show if you filter only talking animations.

i am pretty sure there is more this was just two exampels

Moved to Writer’s Portal Report a Bug since this sounds like an issue with the portal. I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to the team and let them know. :slight_smile:

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If you are typing them in capitals they don’t filter it must be in lower case. I had this issue when trying to filter.

it is not in search. its when you chose to only angry animations. or animations where they talk

Oh, maybe its a glitch when I use that filter it brings up all angry

do the one i type show up

is this in ink? if so then no it doesn’t come up its like theres no filter set for arms_crossed_angry but its there if you don’t filter.

same with talk_handsonhips

yes i know. that is the problem with it

I’d submit a ticket then.