ANIMATIONS: Fighting Animations for Limelight


We so need more kinds of fighting animations. So we already have a lot of punching and guns but that’s it we need a wider variety of animations. These will be using weapons other than guns.
Like these:

Fighting Stunts:

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Thanks for opening it again!


Bump :facepunch:






Oh and also a full kick.






A flying kick or barrage of punches would be great, support


Bumping again


I support this!

I’d also gladly accept any type of animation that involves SPEED.

And I’d accept any animation that’s simple.

Even something as simple as these two…

This next gif might be a little complicated but a dodging animation would be a great asset. Maybe ducking, too?

If they plan on coming out with a fighting animation update i’d love to see both arm work and leg work AND SPEED I can’t stress that enough. Fighting is always quick. Since we’re able to upload our own overlays we can make some pretty cool action scenes :slight_smile: