ANIMATIONS: Fighting Animations

fr! when i’m reading stories with fight scenes, it’s so frustrating to see the lack of animations that are available (punch, shove, kick_crotch, slap). and the fact that there isn’t actually a dodging/blocking animation, so all the writers can only use the standup_neutral animation for their characters to “dodge” attacks. which is a pretty slow animation.

and speaking of slow animations, the current punch animation kinda annoys me, it’s not realistic at all. it’s quite slow, and it doesn’t really look like it will actually do damage. the ink version was a lot better imo, but idk if episode updates any animations. to be fair, it could be pretty bad for authors who’ve already animated fight scenes using the current timing of the animations.

dodging animations should also be necessary, like the dodge_rear in the ink version. or like ducking from punches.

i’ve also REALLY wanted a kicking animations for a while. like roundhouse kicks, or at least push kicks (front kicks). but i can see how that could be pretty hard to animate!

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Hello, I don’t know if it’s off topic or not, I am really sorry if it is, I didn’t read that. All I want to ask if there is an animation that looks like the character is counting. For example, I wrote in my script some good characteristics that her friend has and… I believe it would look way more professional if I added something similar to counting on fingers animation. But I don’t really want to look for that, it would take too much time. Thanks in advance for the help!
Have a nice day, night, or whenever you are reading this, just have a good one overall. <3

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I’ve always wished there was some side step/dodge thinga character could do

Also, how about a solid sucker punch to the gut?

i really hope to see martial arts added to episode!! support :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


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