Animations hug or kiss

I am starting with writing my first story. But How do you characters hug or kiss each other?

Use the animation hug and hug_rear. Then use the spot to make the characters hold each other.

Don’t forget about layers

And proper facing for characters doing rear actions:

Character facing rear left:

@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is hug_rear

Character facing rear right:

@CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is hug_rear

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Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions live! Did this answer your question? @Jacky :slight_smile:


I want to make 2 of my characters hug as well, however with the below animations, I can get them to hug but the “Margaret” character is facing the wrong way… How do I fix this? I’ve tried putting the command “faces left” to the sentence… didn’t work

@NATHANIEL faces right and NATHANIEL is hug_neutral AND MARGARET is hug_neutral_rear

Please go easy on me, it’s my first story haha

Thanks in advance (:

When it’s rear, it’s in the other way. Try putting faces right

OOOOHHH MYYYYY, I feel so stupid! Thank you so much, obviously that worked!