Animations: More emotions sitting and talking

I noticed that, for example, the only talking and sitting angrily animation involves leaning back. In comparison to other sitting and talking animations, the ‘loop’ ones are quite emotionless (mostly ‘neutral’ for each pose). Since looping are helpful for longer animations and there aren’t any emotional looping ones, leading authors to zoom in a lot so it only looks like the character could be sitting (they’re standing), I thought these animations might be helpful:

talk_sit_angry_loop - Could be similar to the talk_sit_armscrossed_neutral_loop animation, but with an angry facial expression.

talk_sit_sad_loop - Could be similar to idle_sit_sad_loop or idle_sit_serious_loop but talking.

talk_sit_handraised_happy_loop - A combination of the neutral sitting pose and talk_handraised_happy_loop. Useful for a more happy and engaged talking animation.

These would also be helpful for disabled characters in wheelchairs that are normally sitting.

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