ANIMATIONS: More Sitting Talk Animations for LL

Hey everyone I wanted to post this idea here to get some support!

As an episode author I write stories with characters who are in wheelchairs, otherwise physically disabled due to one of my stories being set in a physiotherapy unit.

I would love to see more of the talk/idle animations in a wide range of emotions from crying, sad, angry, despondent and happy for sitting and lying down characters! It would help make scenes where I’m directing someone whose supposed to be in a wheelchair (which I can achieve by overlays or making my own) much more believable rather than having to change the zoom when I have to make them do a standing talk just so I don’t lose the immersion that the character is in a wheelchair/bed.

If you support this topic I’d love to see everyone try and help to boost it! Let’s represent people with disabilities some more! Because then it would also be easier to have stories cantered around main characters in a wheelchair as well since the animations won’t be so limiting!


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I’ve edited the title! I hope that it’s correct now! :slight_smile:

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Looking good! :wink:

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This would be so lovely! Especially for anyone with characters in wheelchairs! Support!!


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We’re definitely missing talk_sit_sad_loop animation :woman_facepalming:t4:

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