Animations not working on app?!

Can anyone tell me why certain actions just don’t work on the app? Usually I’ll try to work my way around using those actions but this is starting to get ridiculous… I can’t use like half of the walking actions and it’s starting to really effect my directing! So what’s the issue?!

What animations aren’t working :thinking:?

Hello @KerriStrwberry, if you’re having issues with the animations, I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team; :slight_smile:

Well a lot of the walking and kneeling animations but in particular, just to name a few:

  1. walk_flashlight_scared_loop
  2. walk_worried_loop
  3. walk_scared_offset_loop
  4. walk_scared_loop
  5. tinker_kneel_neutral_loop
  6. hug_neutral_loop_rear

Thanks I did submit a ticket, I hope it helps because I really need those actions. :frowning:

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