Animations not working


I have a school setting and I of course made several extras as background looks. I’ve tried “@EXTRA1 is talk_smile_happy_loop” with all the extras (each have a different animation), and when I preview it, NONE of the extras are doing their animation. I’ve tried lessening how many there is in one scene but they all still do nothing. Help?


That animation doesn’t loop. Only certain ones do, you can search “loop” at the top of the animation list to find all the ones who loop.


I use looping ones I just copied a random one for the forum.


Could you screenshot your script? I might be able to help if I see exactly what you have down



It looks right. Are you previewing in app or in the portal? The portal is known to be glitchy so I suggest trying the app. If they still do nothing then submit a ticket and have someone check it out for you.


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Have you tried using & instead of @??


I use the app which is why I’m confused :confused:


Maybe you could try using both “&” instead of “@” and “starts” instead of “is”?


Try to reset your story programm. You can do this by clicking on “Navigation”. I had the same problem when I always made a new character in the scene. They were also naked or their faces were invisible xD. It might be a glitch on the app.
Hope this helped! :heart:


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