Animations not working


I have a school setting and I of course made several extras as background looks. I’ve tried “@EXTRA1 is talk_smile_happy_loop” with all the extras (each have a different animation), and when I preview it, NONE of the extras are doing their animation. I’ve tried lessening how many there is in one scene but they all still do nothing. Help?


I use looping ones I just copied a random one for the forum.



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Have you tried using & instead of @??


I use the app which is why I’m confused :confused:


Maybe you could try using both “&” instead of “@” and “starts” instead of “is”?


Try to reset your story programm. You can do this by clicking on “Navigation”. I had the same problem when I always made a new character in the scene. They were also naked or their faces were invisible xD. It might be a glitch on the app.
Hope this helped! :heart:


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