ANIMATIONS: play_piano & play_violin



I know it would be a bit complicated to have a biiig piano playing animation but plllllleeeeaaassseeee can we have it? FOR INK pleaseeee and LL too.
I really love to play the piano and hoping to learn violin some day!
PLEASE ADD THESE ANIMATIONS!!! :heart: And as @tiger_da_floof mentioned, it would really be fun.

P.S: Guys please support this by liking!!! :heart::heart::heart:


I mean that would be cool, but if you want to have someone playing the piano then you can look for an overlay of the piano and use the animation: sit_type_loop. It looks kind of similar.
But the violin thing I agree with you on.
I mean, imagine having a whole concert with different episode characters playing different instruments!!


Yep! It would be so cool!
I tried to use sit type loop animation for a piano overlay but it still didn’t look genuine and turned out to be a total mess. I wish they would create an actual animation where the piano was a prop and the animation would just look real, like moving your fingers from octave to octave. For the violin, it would really be fun and violin can be carried easily so they can have a simple animation for it! So COOL! :slight_smile:


Support :clap::clap::clap: I had that in my mind too :smiley:








That’s a great idea!


This would be really cool, even though I don’t think it will be there, I still 100% support it!


I’m glad you think so!


Haha somewhere in the future hopefully but thanks :heart:






support! (:
i’m currently writing a book about a band so this would definitely help.


That would be so helpful! A character of mine plays the piano AND the violin, so it’d be perfect!!!


I suppot the violin, but you can use the “typing” animation (for the computer) on the piano too, soo… :))


I need this! Support!


and loads of other instruments like flute and trumpet!