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Hi epi community :heart:

Writer here. So lately I’ve been reading + seeing on instagram really cool animations on stories, for example: grass blowing in the wind, customised hair flowing etc. Like watching a video within the episode (kind of like stop motion)- honestly it’s so freakin’ cool and I just wanna learn how to do it too! But I can’t find any tutorials, or script templates or anyone who’s willing to share (which is odd because this community is always super friendly!).

Does anyone have advice or a script example on how to create these kind of effects?


They’re animated gifs in the story. Here are two links to get you started:

And in the first one, there’s a SS of a helpful website. :slight_smile:
Good luck :slight_smile:


thank you for this!! :cupid:

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You’re welcome. I tested the website the OP listed and it’s very clean good quality exported files and labels the exported png files sequentially so you don’t have to guess which comes first and last :slight_smile:

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oh that’s so good! I’m so excited to try this out now :face_holding_back_tears: thanks again x

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Good luck!

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