Animations working in Portal but not App Previewer

Is this a glitch? Have I just coded something wrong?

My animations are working perfectly on the Portal when I view from my computer, and they were previously working on the app as well, but now when I look at the app the animations don’t work at all :frowning:

edit: okay now it’s working but it wasn’t for like 20 mins, i restarted my episode and app and nothing had changed - but after i restarted my app a second time everything was working again?? :woman_shrugging:t4:

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So its working rn?

Something similar is happening to me, And it’s been going on for Months now, Whenever I try to open the portal on phone right, it keeps zooming and lagging, it’s seriously irritating, I tried opening the portal on my other device (Cellphone) but it says “Oops, something went wrong, try again later” It works on my laptop and pc just fine but whenever I have to take a screenshot for sneak peaks and stuff, I barely can, It’s so irritating, The other day I threw my phone just because it was so annoying lol. HELP ME

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