Animator/Coder for exclusive story wanted! 😁

Hello, everyone! :smile:

I’ve been working on a very secret project… and now I need some help!
As this story isn’t like any other story on Episode there are a few requirements/preferences.
Note: I have only completed the first chapter but will be creating two more so I can publish it.

What I am looking for:

  • One experienced coder - Someone to help me with errors/problems when it comes to script and code. The story has very complex coding. I have created a heavily coded section just to help the story run smoothly. I won’t be needing you to write code for me because I think that would be too much of a job and frankly because it may be too confusing how everything jumps together back and forth.
  • An animator - Okay I’m probably stretching my luck with this but if anyone is up for making me an animated outro for the story that’d be great. I just think it would be cool but isn’t necessary at all so don’t feel pressured!

I want to keep this project a secret until I actually publish it so if you are accepted, don’t go spamming the link and spoiling it for everyone, thank you. :pray:

How to apply:

  • DM me on instagram at @chaotic_circe (I ain’t about that self promo life, haha)
  • Send me a PM here on the forums

Thank you all so much for your time, have a good day/night. :smiley:

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Bump… Still looking for an artist to make splashes or an outro. :grin:

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Look at

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I’m a experienced coder, need help? :thinking::thinking:

Yes. I need a coder to help with coding if I get stuck with errors. I don’t need help atm but I may later. PM me if you’re still interested, thanks. :grin:

If you still need an artist I’m free

Wow! Absolutely love your art! If you’re interested in making some art for my secret project PM me. I could do with a splash. :ok_hand:

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