Anime Art Style?


It’ll probably be awhile before Episode releases a new art style, but I was thinking it would be neat if Episode had an anime art style, like an otome game. Would anyone else like that or is that just me? I think that Ink is a really great art style because it looks like a cartoon. I think instead of Episode trying to make the animations and characters look more realistic, they should gravitate towards making them look more like cartoons. What do you all think? Would you like Episode to come out with an anime art style, or would you like something different?


I’m quite a fan of anime. But I don’t think Episode would release such a style. There are plenty of debates in the forums whether it would be added, but it would be highly unlikely mainly because “anime” isn’t a style that Episode had made in the first place, unlike Ink and Limelight.


True, but there are many different styles of anime. You look at two different mangas/animes and they aren’t going to look exactly alike. Most look similar, but most mangas/animes have their own unique style as well.


I agree, but that’s not my point, I’m not saying that anime is just one style, what I’m saying is that Episode isn’t likely going to implement a style that they haven’t made themselves. Although, Episode could have a new style which is INSPIRED by anime, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be completely like anime.

In that case, I’m supporting your thread. :slight_smile: Obviously having an anime-inspired style would be a nice touch.


imo it just wouldn’t work with Episode’s style.


This would actually be awesome :grin::revolving_hearts:

What exactly is Episode’s style? :sweat_smile: They have three different ones, and after Limelight, am sure there will be another, different style : )


The 3 styles aren’t too different. If u look at anime I just feel like it wouldn’t fit in Episode in a way. Idk how to explain it too well but that’s just what I think.


Check out:

Can show support for that on this thread :wink: