ANIME you like! ANIME you watch! ANIME you recommend!

Just discussing Animes you’ve been watching rn or just love!
I’ve been watching A Lot of them recently, and I love ALL of them!

Ace Attorney
The Millionaire Detective,Balance:Unlimited
Prison School
Detective School Q
Korouka San
Wandering Witch:The Journey of Elaina
God Of High School
Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu

These are some animes i’ve watched and LOVE! (Yes ik I love detective and mysteries stuff but still haven’t watched Death Note. I just wanted something light. Maybe I will watch it sometime in future.) All of these I highly recommend!!

I’ve not included the cartoon animes like Doremon and Pokemon. However it doesn’t mean I don’t watch or like them. I absolutely Love Pokemon, it’s my fav cartoon!

Feel free to comment some animes that You love, and do recommend me some too. What should I watch next?


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