Anj's outline contest 2


Hey guys! This is anj again. Welcome to my outline contest! I’m doing another outline contest which is Halloween themed. I hope you guys enter this contest and make it successful like my previous one :blush: :heart:

  • Please be creative and add your own style.
  • Don’t steal other people work.
  • You can change the outline slightly.
  • You are not allowed to remove the WATERMARK
  • You can use this outline anywhere but you should credit me @episode.anj on the instagram.
  • No drama Allowed
  • Have fun and enjoy!

  1. Drawn profile picture.
  2. A spam of likes on Instagram.
  3. A review on your story if you have one.
  4. A shout out on the forums.
  5. An outline or hair png of your choice.

  1. Drawn profile picture.
  2. A spam of likes on Instagram.
  3. Hair png of your choice.
  4. A shoutout on the forums.

  1. Drawn profile picture
  2. A spam of likes on Instagram
  3. A shout out on the forums.



NOTE : You can enter with two outlines or single outline.



Credits to @Teahwalker for the amazing banners.


Omg those outlines are amazing!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey @anj! May I join?


I actually already have an entry :laughing:

Here it is:

Contest Entry




I won’t use this outline anywhere, I just entered the contest for fun!


It’s amazing!!!




I would love to join!
Do you want the result posted here or tagged on instagram? :grinning:


You can post here :slight_smile:


Here is my entry!


It’s amazing!!


My entry!






It’s not overly halloweenish but was fun to do. Thanks


That’s amazing!!!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Got bored again so thought I’d do the next one for a little fun…

A little more halloweenish haha


Awesome and thanks for entering with both outlines :slight_smile: