🎨 Ankita’s Art Commissions 🎨 (OPEN)

Hello, Ankita here.
I am taking art commissions. Here are some examples of my works-

Ankita’s art Examples

Commission details

Portrait : $8 (+$4 per extra character)
Half Body : $12 (+$6 per extra character)
Knee Length: $14 (+$7 per extra character)
Full Body: $16 (+$8 per extra character)

Animals : $5 (starting at)

  • Deadline : 24 hours (min) - 5 days (max)
  • Please provide clear details of the art work you want.
  • Backgrounds are free.
  • I will show you the sketch once it’s finished. And You can let me know if you want any changes.
  • You will get 2 revisions after I complete the artwork.
  • Payments should be paid after I completed the art but also before I email you the finished art without my watermark. No payment, no art.
    - Payment Method : PayPal, Ko-fi

:black_small_square: 3 or 3+ artworks together: 30% off

If you have any query please comment below or PM me here or on Instagram @ankita_illustrates



Just wanted to say that i love your work and best of luck with your commissions! I love your artstyle as it’s so unique!


Bump :blob_hearts: :yay:
Your arts incredible!

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Thank you!! :relaxed::heart:

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Thank you!! :kissing_heart::heart:

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If only I could use your art again… :pensive::pleading_face:

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