Ann C's Story Reviews [CLOSED]

Hey! I’m organizing a Review Session this month! I’ll be reviewing 4 or 5 stories per week unless stated otherwise.

Rules :

  • Only ONE story will be reviewed, per author.
  • More than three episodes won’t be reviewed. Only the first three episodes will be read.
  • If the story is a contest entry, do mention that in the form.
  • A completely honest review will be given. It will be in my best interests that my language in no way hurts or insults you. In case it does, do let me know here - - in a polite tone.
  • My reviews will be based on certain criteria, which have been mentioned in the form given below. Suggestions may also be added.
  • Both published and unpublished stories will be reviewed.
  • Unpublished stories will be reviewed first, assuming you will publish after rectifying the mistakes (if any).

I will try my best to review the stories within a week. In case, it is delayed, please understand that I have not been able to do it because of unavoidable circumstances.


Use password : Ann C Amazeballs

Fill up this form with the necessary details :

Upload your story cover and story card (if any) with the reply.

Waiting List :

:open_book: - In review
:bookmark_tabs: - Yet to be reviewed
:books: - Reviewed
:blue_book: - Spot closed

First List - Week 1 (30th May - 5th June)

  1. camie.writes :books: - Soul Searching
  2. FriidayG :books: - Alec & Astrid
  3. Emily2008 :books: - A Criminal Romance
  4. WinterMoon05 :books: - The Apartment
  5. HazelJ :books: - i-Humanoids

Second List - Week 2 (6th June - 12th June)

  1. TheSunflowerQueen :books: - There’s no accounting for taste
  2. Nat.Alia :books: - Until Tomorrow
  3. KanaMoon :books: - How to Get Revenge On Your Ex
  4. Deion25_episode :books: - Unprecedented turn of events
  5. :blue_book:

Third List - Week 3 (13th June - 20th June)

  1. vidushii22 :books: - Two Of Us
  2. stargirl4 :books: - The Day I Drowned
  3. hannahfriend :books: - 6 months
  4. baechulgi :books: - Glamour
  5. TeamPhilsinski :negative_squared_cross_mark: - The Phantom Cell

Fourth List - Week 4

  1. mystique_writer :books: - Our Wedding Affair
  2. CausticKat :books: - Cross Roads
  3. Mitali_S :books: - His Spoiled Heiress
  4. emerald.epi :books: - What Women Want
  5. Goji :books: - The Key Holder

Completed List (for Week 4) -

  1. mystique_writer - Our Wedding Affair
  2. CausticKat - Cross Roads
  3. Mitali_S - His Spoiled Heiress
  4. emerald.epi - What Women Want
  5. Goji - The Key Holder

Hey! I’ve filled out the form and I hope you like my story. I’m looking forward to your review (:

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Alec & Astrid Covers (not sure where I was supposed to put them sorry)

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Hey! I just filled out the form! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

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@camie.writes @FriidayG @Emily2008


Filled out the review form! I hope you’ll enjoy :relaxed:

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Hello Ann. I have filled the form :white_heart:

Small Cover
iH Story Card

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@WinterMoon05 @HazelJ


Your story has been reviewed!


Spot Directing : It was perfect, just perfect. At least in the first three episodes, the spot direction was faultless and precise.


Grammar and spellings : Spellings were alright but grammar got messed up a bit, here and there.

  • There was a dialogue — "Emma and I used to be inseperable … " [the bold part was missing]

  • “I like to have some peace and quiet ness at times …”

[I think proofreading can reduce these mistakes]

And also, does Nana mean Grandmother in your mother tongue?

In the 3rd episode, when Olivia was hungry … Zac took her to a restaurant. You have used the eating animation for Olivia but forgotten to place a prop or overlay, I guess.

Plot was nice (but kinda anticipatory for me :sweat_smile: … but I also anticipate unexpected twists :wink:)

Content Guidelines were in no way violated.

I’ll attach the screenshots later with this reply cuz it’s showing error when I’m trying to upload … may be some network issue.

(I hope I did not sound harsh. If I did, please let me know here - - in a polite tone.)


Thank you so much! This was very helpful and I will rectify the small mistakes that you pointed out. Also, Nana is a common substitute for Grandmother in many American households (usually said by children, but it carries on as a force of habit even when the kids grow up haha).
You can attach screenshots whenever, no problem. And you were perfectly kind and professional :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks again!


Form filled out!


Moved to Share Feedback since this is for story reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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Hi, just filled out the form. Thank you so much for doing this!


Filled the form! Thank you for doing this!

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@Nat.Alia @KanaMoon


I just filled out the form! :grin: thank you for doing this

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@vidushii22 Reply to this post for your story to get reviewed. It will be reviewed in the 3rd week.

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hi <3 I filled out the form!


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