Anna needs a soulmate!


Hey! So me and @Mashia have a friend @Oorgeloop AKA Anna, and she’s looking for a potential boo and a future spouse! (on the forums of course not irl lol)

So here be a little info about her:

NAME: Anna
Country: Australia
Favourite Food: Chocolate
Previous Relationships: Patt.
About: Anna is from Australia, currently single, but looking for her soulmate, hopefully very cultural and Australian. Anna prefers long walks on the beach and her soulmate is someone her friends would approve of. Anna is looking for a serious marriage don’t think you can get out of this. Anna has only loved one guy in her life, Patt. It didn’t end well. SO DON’T GO BREAKING HER HEART BOOBOO. SIGN UP TO BE ANNA’S POTENTIAL SOULMATE NOW!

Fill out this form and you could be Anna’s soulmate!


There will be a few rounds to determine Anna’s soulmate, so go fill it out! (It will legit take only like 3 mins of your day plus this girl needs a boo so be a bit considerate. Lol)


cough cough I am not looking for a potential ‘boo’/spouse

Chu meanies…:unamused:


Yes, guys! Go and vote to make our friend, Anna (who’s in denial at the moment haha), feel happy and loved! :revolving_hearts:


I support that Mashia!


I filled out the form
Was so fun :joy:


AHAHHA, I saw :wink:


Is it only boys or gender neutral.


Lol you guys are actual friend goals


Gender neutral since this is just for fun


I know right :joy:




Haha, I am bookmarking this thread - I gotta see what happens.


Haha lol


I am betting on a wedding soon or forum coupling haha


Yeaah :laughing:




i submitted! i hope its not too late


@oorgeloop Anna you need help you married a stupid as heck bot named Patt! I support the movement yEEt


Nope it’s not too late! :smile:


Can the peeps who submitted Tim and Richie please reply to this? I can’t find your accounts. O.o