Hi! Welcome to Anna’s Artshop!! This shop is run by me @Anna1106Writes and @Cookies1
I will do covers, splashes and cards
@Cookies1 will do art covers and a bit of art scenes
Don’t steal our work and claim it as your own
If you request something from here, do not request from someone else, it waists our time
And lastly don’t rush us, it takes time…

@Anna1106Writes Examples


@Cookies1 Examples


So I know you read all this, this is the password


Honey Yes! They’re beautiful!

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Could you make a couple of splashes please?

Sorry, it took so long to reply…
but if you still want the splashes, I’ll be happy to make them for you!

Thank you!
I would like an ‘end of chapter’ please

Ok! Is there a color or background you want it to be?

Can it be a medium color? Like. It too dark and not too light

Yeah sure!


Does this picture work?

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Yes it does :heart:

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I made 2 just to give you options! I hope you like them!:smile:
Let me know if you want me to fix something

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Girlllll!!! I love them both!!! :heart::heart::heart:

I love the second one! How should I credit you! :heart:

You can credit me @Anna1106Writes
And I’m glad you like them😊

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Okay :heart:

If you don’t mind me asking… What is your story, I would love to check it out!

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Oh wow thanks! It not big but I’m happy with it :joy: it’s called Toxins


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Hi, I would like to request a splash. I was thinking of having my character (Ava) shushing in it and it would say in text “this story contains mature themes and this story contains sounds so turn up your volume.” Also, could you possible draw this?

-Skin Tone: Tan
-Hair: Beach Wave Hair; Color: Auburn
-Eyebrows: Defined Natural
-Eyes: Slender Natural; Color: Brown
-Face Shape: Soft Heart
-Nose: Soft Natural
-Lips: Classic; Color: Terracotta

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