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This is a new post, previously called “Fast Cover Arts 2”. I had to make a new post because I could not edit the title of the last post. I have copied and pasted the description of the old post, as the same rules apply.

Hello! I made a cover art thread about a year ago named “Fast Cover Arts”. I worked on requests for a long time. Then, my life got really busy and I did not have enough time to write stories or make cover art! Well, now I’m back and ready to create more cover arts. After my last forum, I learned a few things, and now I need some rules.

Edit: Now I need a password for requests because many people do not read them. Sorry.


  1. Don’t request a cover art if you’re not going to use it.
  2. Don’t request cover arts from other forums!
  3. I understand, my forums says “Fast Cover Arts”, but I also have a life, and fast is used in context. So my version of “fast” is way different than your version of fast. Gotcha there, so please don’t complain. Cover Arts can take an hour to 5 days, please be patient. Also, covers that include characters will take longer.
  4. Please read this ENTIRE section, especially the section that says “In Return”.
  5. You need to find the password in order to have your request accepted. (Not your own password, a password found on this post).
  6. I would really appreciate it you read my story: Gang Affiliated (Although my story low-key sucks)
  7. Please check out my Instagram for character edits + covers: Anniek.episode
  8. I’m not obligated to complete your request.
  9. If you’re being rude to me or someone else, I will certainly not do your cover.
  10. If I reject your request, I don’t need a reason. Reread the rules, and see which one you broke.

Please fill out this template if you want to request a cover:
Your cover will be rejected if you don’t fill in the password.

Author (Optional):
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Please upload the character in DIGITAL form, in HIGH quality, and in the poses you want them to be in. Use a plain white background, please.
Story Description:
Published? If not, when will it be published?:
Large Cover or/and Small Cover:
When do you need it done by?:
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful):
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):

Examples of my work:

Since I am doing many of you the favor of making cover arts, I would really appreciate it if you checked out my story, Gang Affiliated.
I’m not forcing you to read my story, but I would REALLY love you if you did so. Thanks!
Password: Decimeter
Thanks for reading all the way through!



So, basically do we have to give you our Instagram password?

NO. There is a password on my post that I made to make sure you read through the entire post.

Oh,sorry if I made you mad

Here you go!

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I love your works!!!

Title: This is Us

Author: Mystic Taco

Images of MC:

Story Description: This story is about a really wealthy and famous family. They have paparazzi on them 24/7 and every move they make is being watched. The MC is download (2) who is the mother of the family who you will play.

Genre: Drama/Random

Published: No. I haven’t set a date yet but it will probably be a while since I’m waiting for my backgrounds to be accepted before I start writing

Large and Small cover please!

I’d like it done in less than a week but I don’t really have a time limit! I understand that you have a life too!!

Mood of Cover: Happy/Bright

References: Episode story GRAVITY by Amelia Rose (Note: I don’t want my cover exactly like hers but just to give you an idea)

I would like the family together with the oldest in the back and the youngest in the front

Maybe a lake background with a sunset?? I think that goes with the mood of my story really well!

I would like you to make some characters larger/smaller depending on age and gender. But I have no specific height just whatever you feel is right:
download (1): He is the husband so please make him the tallest
download (2): You can make her a normal height
download (3): Make her just as tall as the mom
downloads (4) and (5): They are twins so make them the same height and they are 14 so a little smaller than the mom and oldest sister
download (6): She is 12 so however tall you think a 12 year old in episode should be!
download (7): She is 6, yet again however tall you think a 6 year old should be in episode!

Please have download (1) kissing download (2)'s cheek and place them in the very back center

Thank you SO much!!! I will definitely check out your story!!

Password: Decimeter
Thanks again!!

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Title: King of the Serpents

Author: Dracarya

Images of MC:

Story Description: When you and your best friend meet a hot mysterious gangster from the wrong side of town, your life starts to get a whole lot weirder when you find yourself in his bed. (I’m working on it, just made it up on the spot)

Genre: crime, romance, drama

Published: it’s not published yet and I don’t have a date for it

Large and small cover please

Take as long as you want on it

Mood of cover: romantic but dark

Password: Decimeter

Thank you so much

And here’s the other MC

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