Annie's Model Forms for Free Edits! :)


I’m gonna submit a form, heh…

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lol wait i’m a little confused. so you just want a tiny hole in the ear, just like a tiny dot? now i’m intigued :relieved:



I filled out a form @bethanyk14 :kissing_heart:

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Also @bethanyk14 can you do the hair like you did for this edit? Just the art style because you made it really shiny and gave it amazing texture ! :heart_eyes:

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@bethanyk14 filled out a form, just wondering if you’re gonna do it or not :grimacing:




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Thank you :blush:



Yeah, sorry! It takes really long for each edit, and I just finished one that took 5 hours (oops) And I need to read an entire book before school starts in like 3 days :tired_face:

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I used your model form for my edit! I tried to do some of what you asked but it was my edit so I did what I wanted (plus I didn’t want to put the guns pointed towards her head, sorry)

Sorry if you don’t like it I just had this idea and I couldn’t stop drawing until I finished (this took 4 hours + 13 minutes but that’s because I messed up the hair and had to restart)

Please vote which one you like best in the poll below! (and don’t steal it thanks)

it’s wine not blood oof



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also I finished another model edit but I really like it so I’m going to wait to post it until I go back to school so it might make me happy??



So good :sob: :heart_eyes:

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That’s okay! I understand :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relieved:

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I LOVEEE it! Is it for me orrr???

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I filled out the form for a male model

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Yep, it’s yours.

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No problem! :slight_smile:

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Ur soooo talented!

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Hey, can I request another? I would LOOVE another one from you!



Sure, but I will only do yours after everyone else’s to make it fair. :slight_smile: