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So I Know Some People Have Contests Going On And there are many People who want to participate in contests, but it’s hard to find ones that are open still. So that’s why I created this thread! I will join any contest AS long as it’s NOT art Scenes cause ya girl can’t draw anything besides an ok-ish Outline. Anyways, So it’s easier for me and others to find your contest, fill out this forum!!!

Contest Type:
Does It Include Prizes?:
(optional) Your Instagram:

Is anyone bored now?
Madison’s Outline Contest!

Contest Type: Outline Coloring Contest
Link: Link To Contest Here
Deadline: August 5, 2018
Does It Include Prizes?: YES
(optional) Your Instagram: Click here to follow me On Instagram @madison.epi_gold By Clicking Here!


That sounds like a great contest! I will be sure to join! I’d love it if you could join mine :heart:

  • Outline Contest

  • Deadline: August 12

  • There are Prizes!!

  • My contest is on instagram @idontknow_episode

Here’s the link:


I will join!




My group hosting a contest


Can you film our the forum so I And others can find it easily?


Outline Contest
Link: Outline Contest Again But Better
Deadline: August 15th
Prizes Included
Insta:* Art_episode


I gonna enter yours!! It would be great if you could enter mine too!


Contest Type: Episode Outline Contest - INK
Deadline: 28th August 2018
Does It Include Prizes?: Yes! There are a bunch of awesome prizes with 4 LUCKY winners!
Your Instagram: @benaiah_episode

I would love it if you joined :heart:


Contest Type: Outline contest!
Link: Here!
Deadline: 20th of August
Does It Include Prizes?: yep!
(optional) Your Instagram: xxbluemoonwolfxx