ANNOUNCEMENT!: Free Covers For ALL of Your Storys!

Im officialy making free art covers for everyone!
If your intrested do not hesitate to contact me! Episode: Madison The Creator
Dm me on here if your intrested!


Do you have examples of your art work?


yes, can we see examples. people won’t reach out to you if they dont have examples because for all we know, this could be a troll or you could be a bot


Are there examples?

You should post examples so people can see

yes! sorry I didn’t respond im curently in school so i will post them afterwards!


Moved to Art Resources since this is about cover art. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

ok thank you.

Are there any examples?

can you post the examples, i dont think youre in school anymore

Yes, Ive been busy sorry but if i dont do it today than ill do it tommorow

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Heyy post your examples please!

Hi, could we see your examples? :pleading_face: its been a few days and im pretty sure some people wanna see your work :joy:

are u going to post examples??!

yes i know i know i didnt post the examples but i was finishing up one of my edits so i will show you that one when im done

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Anymore examples ??

That’s really pretty! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

This is the final image for my story :grin:

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 1.17.01 PM tehe

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