Announcement! (WELCOME TO....)


Hope you guys are ready … for the most spooky, the most halloween themed , the most fun… HALLOWEEN SPOOKY SHOP! WITCH IS ABOUT TO OPEN VERY VERY VERY SOON :wink: ANY SPOOKY REQUESTS SHOULD BE THERE! KEEP WAITING :wink:




Exciting! :black_heart:

Happy Early Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :orange_heart: :spider_web: :spider: :wilted_flower: :ghost: :skull: :vampire:


:wink: I know I really liked the themeee


You tooo! :wink::joy::slight_smile:


When did u think of this???


A few days ago! I’ve planed it pretty good , so when it’s a few days before halloween, it’s gonna be a blast! I draw sings , welcomes , rules and stuff so , I’m pretty excited as you can tell :slight_smile:


Ooooh cool




That’s just the start :wink: