Announcements for Art Groups 🖌


So… I just had this idea of making this thread like the RP/SG section ones.

There are so many groups now and I don’t know how many groups there are now.

So… if you are

  • in any art groups and need new members
  • in an art group that doesn’t need new members anymore
  • going to create a new group
  • going to disband an old group

You can announce them here.

But please announce that requests are open or I need details from someone or something in your own threads.

Please keep drama out of this thread since I don’t think anyone would want more drama caused.


New groups
#3 - @Episode-Creativity by @Doksanwrites
#19 - @EpisodePhoenix by @SilverStar


I’m in


Oops I accidentally deleted it when I wanted to bookmark it! :woman_facepalming:
@Chesirekitten101 @Shani_Theo can you re-vote? Sorry!

I’m thinking of making a new group and will try to keep it outta drama. There will be a chat for the members to communicate on PMs here. I haven’t really decided on the name yet but if anyone is up for it, please vote on the poll.
I’ll make the group once there’s enough members.

  • I’m in! Tag me!
  • Maybe, tag me
  • Maybe but don’t tag me
  • Sorry I’m not interested

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I’m confused of what this is lol. :see_no_evil:


To announce new groups, groups who need members, groups who doesn’t need members anymore, groups that are disbanded… something like that @WinterMoon05


Oh okay. :thinking:





Ok ok


Ok the group will be called…

And btw I forgot to mention… the creator is @Doksanwrites and I’m just helping out.

Seems like I did a great job! :sunglasses:
hehehe Doky you better thank meh


Amani you wanna join EC?


She voted




K, A ur in


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I’m glad you didn’t say no like others did…

welp gtg bye… I think lol

yh gtg


bye! Btw u co- prez


And Silver u r VP


I know and… can you probs say these things at a pm or something?


I’m setting up things now…


Hey! Again…
I got an idea to make another art group and this time… For myself.
Ok so… there will be some things that most of the art groups don’t have. Yes I have plans… :smirk:
I can pm you about the ideas if you’re interested in joining and wanna know it.

And… yeah I’ll try to keep this groupie outta drama and trouble too.

So here’s da poll!

  • Yes! TAG ME!
  • Maybe? Tag me
  • Maybe? Don’t tag me tho
  • Nahhhh Imma pass

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Soooo I’m gonna be you guys biggest fan and stalk you guys OK I’m not a stalker or

  • anything
    I’m very normal