Announcements for Art Groups 🖌


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I’m glad you didn’t say no like others did…

welp gtg bye… I think lol

yh gtg


I know and… can you probs say these things at a pm or something?


Hey! Again…
I got an idea to make another art group and this time… For myself.
Ok so… there will be some things that most of the art groups don’t have. Yes I have plans… :smirk:
I can pm you about the ideas if you’re interested in joining and wanna know it.

And… yeah I’ll try to keep this groupie outta drama and trouble too.

So here’s da poll!

  • Yes! TAG ME!
  • Maybe? Tag me
  • Maybe? Don’t tag me tho
  • Nahhhh Imma pass

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Soooo I’m gonna be you guys biggest fan and stalk you guys OK I’m not a stalker or

  • anything
    I’m very normal


Lol haha :joy::joy::joy:
Glad to know there’s already a fan! :joy::cool:


If you would like to join Episode Creativity, you’ll have to complete this form!:


Do it on a separate thread? And tag them?


Or come here:


Geez just tag them…




Episode Chefs is Hiring!

Im only taking 14 more slots


Hi, guys!
So, after some encouraging messages, I’m thinking of making an art group! I’d try to keep the group away from all the drama and make sure the team got things done! :blush:

Would you join a group run by me?

  • Yes! (:
  • Maybe |:
  • Nah ):

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Would you support the group?

  • Yep, I’ll show my support through encouraging messages!
  • Yes, I’ll show my support by requesting!
  • Yeah, I’ll just be a quiet observer/supporter :eyes:
  • Nope. ):

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If I get more ‘Yes’ votes, I won’t start the group right away because I’ll have to plan out how things will work first but yeah :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :revolving_hearts:


Ahh, thanks for voting guys :))
I’ve got enough ‘Yes’ votes so I’ll start a group on the forums + Instagram.
I’ve planned a lot of things for the group and can’t wait to open the group!




Bumping! :heart:


Great thread!
If you need any art, please go here!


We need people for episode.artistry


We are also hiring…


this thread is for groups which r new, hiring ppl or closing, not for requesting art


Bump bump!