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Inspired by LHT , it’s time that the RP and SG forum had it’s very own Announcement Thread

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I vote we make a birthday for the RP / SG section cause why not. February 17, 2018 is when this forum was made public. :smiley:


Oooh I like it! Or maybe the birthday could be Nov. 18th because that was the date when the RP/SG subtopic was finally introduced on the old forums back in 2014.


@Trinady @Ryan @Jeremy - Can we please get this thread pinned? It is very useful to the RP/SG community and can help us avoid clutter. Thank you!



I like that lol because I am more likely to be on in November then a year from now hahah


Hi just want to let everyone know that I am @j.mojicaxo just with a different username. (This is for the ones who don’t already know that lol)


Hello, this is Cricket Master.
I’m not entirely certain why I felt the need to introduce myself, but let’s just roll with it, shall we?

I have a lot of work I should be doing but am not.
Not only do I have to complete four months of school in the next two and a half months if I want to go to college in fall, but I have been majorly procrastinating on my Episode stories.

That’s right. Me being on here is me procrastinating on my procrastination.

I am not giving up the Episode Forums (not even for certain days of the week), but I do need something to get me motivated.

I would appreciate it if once or twice a day when someone is tagging me for their RP post anyway, if they would just ask me what I did since last time someone asked me.
I would then have to reply with something major I completed-- whether it be a test, essay, or a story branch.

If I can’t get my act together, perhaps some public shaming will do it.


Ooh, public shaming… rubs hands together
Jk, Cricket, don’t worry, we’re all here to help you. I know I’ll try and remember to remind you!


Thanks! Sometimes all I need is a widely-observed kick in the pants.


Great to see that you made it!


Right! This has been nagging me for a while. Before I start, I’m just going to say that not all threads do this, but I do see it. Okay…

So, Asexuality. There is a huge misconception that if a character is Ace it means they are not interested in forming relationships, not interested in romantic advances, and don’t show any thought to having a full-on relationship. As an Asexual myself, let me set the record straight.

Asexuality means a person is not interested in sex.
There is a wide range of limits and lines that different people make as to what they are and aren’t okay with beyond that, but the main fact is that an Ace is not comfortable/not responsive/doesn’t care for sexual advances. That is it.
An asexual can be interested in a relationship. They can hug and some even kiss, as I said, boundaries change depending on the person. Acts of romance, and building a strong relationship is still very much on the table. Asexuals can want to start a family, and in this day and age it’s not hard for them to do so without sex. They can find someone attractive, but it’s more aesthetic, similar to admiring a painting or sunset. They can understand and find sex jokes funny, but some don’t, so it’s good to work out boundaries and what could make an Ace uncomfortable.
They can be Aromantic asexual, though, which means they do not wish for romantic or sexual attraction, but this is different to being just asexual.
So, when you say that your character is Asexual, please don’t do so just to show that your character is not interested in a relationship. If we could come up with an alternative - maybe ‘Non-Rom’ or ‘NR’ - then we can better define the difference.

The reason I ask this is because it took me a full year to work out what I was, and it was difficult because of this very stigma. It’s very difficult when everyone can stay who or what they are, and you can’t because they don’t believe you for this reason or that. As I said, I had to do a lot of research, and ask a lot of people, before I could confidently say what I was - and to be honest I still can’t because that stigma still remains and a lot of people still refuse to believe me or take it seriously. So, help me change that and make it easier for anyone else who may be stuck in a similar predicament. That said, if anyone else wants to add, I think it would be great to share knowledge on this topic. Still, thank you all for giving me your time. I hope this helps gain a better understanding of things.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


I am going on a no electronics school trip until Friday. After that, I head straight to California for spring break until next Wednesday. I won’t be active during this time.


clears throat
So I’m gonna be gone till next Sunday on a little just over one week jaunt to Cincinnati, and then on a campout. I don’t think I’ll have the time to go on the forums, so yeah. See y’all in a little over a week!

@MysteriousAcro so she can see this


For the runaways SG due I think only like 3/6 ive seen sense the movie, I’m going to restart it. With the people who are already in it I am going to transfer your characters. Also for anyone else, bumping it up to 9 slots, 6 are asap like give me your chars now and 3 are going to be take your time.


Yay! So excited To start up again! (j.depisode)


Hiii, this is Fate (to those of you who remember me).

I used @baemri for a bit as a new account on here but there’s been confusion with that but this is my old account which I got back ^~^


The nomination forms for the RP/SG Awards are now live! ^-^


Sooo I may go on a haitus from this point-ish until around May 18th due to final exams but I’ll try to get my sign ups in and replies done before I do so I’m sorry about that Dx but I’ll be able to rp loads after that


Hey guys! So just a small announcement I’m going with my family to my brothers wedding (kinda ish) so I don’t know how active I will be. I probably will pop on every once and awhile but I thought I’d just mention it.