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So… where do I start…

I am not yet gonna be active as I was, so yeah. I broke my cellphone and wifi’s broken or somthing like that. So, just came by to tell you this because… I’m worried by the RPs I joined lemaw so yeah, imgoingnow byeee




SG Day is September 25th!

" SGs are equally amazing to RPs but they don’t get enough recognition!

To celebrate, we can go back and read the old SGs you were in, or even if you weren’t in them. You can discuss your favorites or maybe even make a Revival!" - RP / SG Holidays


Creators Day is October 7th

We wouldn’t have this amazing section without the equally amazing people that create these RPs and SGs

This day is the perfect day to go PM your favorite Creators and tell them how much you appreciate their creativity.

This holiday will also signal the start for the RP Creators Contest if we are doing it that year.This day is the perfect day to go PM your favorite Creators and tell them how much you appreciate their creativity.

This holiday will also signal the start for the RP Creators Contest if we are doing it that year.


Ooo, are we having the RP Creators Contest? .-.


I have no idea @SillyCupcake22233 - what’s the RP creators contest xD


@FallenAngelNight13 @Mashia

Well I don’t think we’ll be doing it this year solely because Creators Day snuck up on me and I would like more time to prepare.

But to explain, the Creators Contest is pretty much everyone who wished to participate would form a group of 2-5-ish people to create a short RP together. (Usually based on some topic) (And depending on what we decide, they may also have to create some simple characters for people to use.) Then everyone who was participating would join everyone else’s RPs for a day and eventually vote on which RP they enjoyed the most (besides their own of course)


hi guys! i dont think anyone remembers me cuz ive been inactive for almost a year lol but whateverr


ooh, hi! i remember you ;))


Rowan! Hiii! How are you?


Idea for the Community:

Hii! I was looking through some RPs to join just now and I got pretty confused because there were so many threads. I know a lot of us can easily get muddled up in this section if we were gone for a while or just because of the new RPs and SGs popping up everywhere. It’s getting sorta hard to tell which ones are active, dead, taking signups etc.

Sooo, I was thinking that maybe we could have a thread where we can update everyone about the status of our RP. It’s definitely not a thread to promote your RPs, though it can kinda boost the attention when you post the status.

Just a simple, ‘Hey guys, my RP/SG called ‘An Example Title’ is taking signups right now. Make sure to check it out!’ or even just a ‘Signups for ‘Another Example Title’ is closed now,’ can suffice. Basically, the main message should be of the status.

But then again, it might be kinda useless if no one’s bothered to continuously change the status. If this would be a waste of time, I think- at the very least- we can somewhat incorporate the status into the title? We could just have a few keywords in there to let everyone know if it’s taking signups or if it’s still active etc.

example 1 - Title || SG Signup Thread || Open
example 2 - Title || Official RP || Active

Idea; yes, no, maybe?

  • Yes, we should have this for !
  • Maybe, I’m willing to try it out.
  • Maybe, I don’t think I’ll use/post on it, though.
  • Nah, pretty useless ://

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Funnily enough, I had a similar idea, or something to complement it (I’ll PM you when I get the time)


This sounds like a good idea, but far too many RPs/SGs either never make it off the ground or go inactive after a while anyway. So they’d post info about it but would never be there to update the info.
To counter this, I suggest the person(s) who starts this thread should be very active (at least on daily) and be the only one(s) to post lists. They go through the RP/SG list and sort them out for everyone to see. This will help to keep the thread uncluttered, so it is still simple and easy for everyone to read.

Great idea though, @Mashia and @Cam.



Ah, I understand what you mean. I’ll take your idea into consideration if I start the thread. :blush: :heart:


it’s been like three months, but — announcement —

I promise to remember the holidays :slight_smile:

Edit : January 3rd is New Idea’s Day



summons @SillyCupcake22233


Hi everyone ! I’m leaving the forum community for awhile and I don’t know when I’ll be back :heart_eyes:

I’m dropping my characters for @CrazyCaliope 's Dead-End

I will be closing Galileo School of Magic Sign Ups & RP later today bc I don’t feel totally comfortable letting someone adopt Galileo.

SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic

Aww! We love you and will miss you completely! BUT please look after yourself and take care!
:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: :hugs::hugs::hugs: :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Awwe! Well bye for now Fallen! Take care :slight_smile:


You will be missed.