Announcements To All Episodians! 🥳

Hello, Episodians,

I am Alina. Tomorrow I am back at school. I am nervous, unhappy, and scary. I can’t hang out with you all for 7 hours after that I can but not much time only like 1 hour cause I am sure my teacher will give much a homework. So I have no my art shop will close for temporarily. I can’t take it. But my background shop is always open. And the school like this week I went school the second week I am not going Scholl. It’s Ministry Of Education rules for only the COVID 19. I am worried about the story that I doing on and the Episode Writer Portal is not working properly. Share your feedback or opinions with me here.

With All Love,
Alina Greeks :heart:


Hi Alina. Take a deep breath, school is nothing to be nervous or scared about. It’s just a bunch of people going to a place to learn. Episode will always be here when you have time. Why are you worried about your story? Because the portal isn’t working?

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Hey Alina! You don’t have to worry about school I know it might be stressful sometimes because it is for me too but you shouldn’t stop what you like to do. I personally have so much home-works sometimes but I still try to make some time for myself and you should to that too. If you’re too busy and you can’t write everyday it’s fine, maybe you could write on the weekends…. Or when you’re free and don’t worry about not being active here like you used to when you weren’t at school because it’s normal! im also not on the forums for like 7 hours when I’m at school 🥲 so don’t worry! I hope this helps you can always pm me if you need someone to talk to :white_heart:


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