Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


So college is basically uni in the uk


so this is what is needed


I noticed the description says “your characters are discovering their self identities, learning what it’s like to be on their own and taking those first steps into adulthood”. Not everyone starts post-secondary education for the first time as a teenager, though. So, out of curiosity, does the main character have to be new to adulthood, or can we also focus on older (often described as “non-traditional”) college students as long as they’re in their first year?


This is really exciting! I already know what type of story I’m gonna write. :laughing:

A little question for everyone, would an IG account boost my chances of winning win/promotion? (sorry if this is asked, too many replies to read :joy:)


someone please gimme advice idk what to do

so my story Hale Huna is doing quite well, but i really wanna enter this competition and i think i have a good idea. but that means i’ll have to postpone Hale Huna while I write the college days story…what should i do??? i’m stressssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddd


Entering a contest might be a good way to get new readers who then might also check out your other story, so…?


that’s true…


I agree, join the contest


Man, I have my ideas. I just need a balance of characters… (There’s a lot of supernatural ones)


Sounds cool


Thank you!


Can you guys check out this story…

It is my entry!


I just got really good idea for this but gosh am I scared I won’t make it to the deadline


Same holy crap

@HermanEpisode we have a month and (around) two weeks

Is that enough to write 3 episodes? I’m almost finished with my first…


If you’re almost finished with your first, probably!


Ok great :smile:

Thanks for that it actually kinda helped me not panic about the deadline…

I’m sure you have enough time as well, if you still wanna enter. I write like a slug im so slow coz I procrastinate and get distracted every chance I get… you’ll probably be ahead of me in no time :joy::woman_shrugging:


look out for
College Days: Love, Anonymous

large cover

small cover


It looks awesome did you make the covers?

How much have you written so far?


What is it about


yeah i made the covers, i havent even started writting yet. :joy: