Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


Ugh, I’m stuck on the editing of my first episode…


I’m on my second episode.


I honestly think ink is best for me. Thanks


I just got my story idea and I have everything already planned out! it’s going to be called “College Days: Problematic”


Sounds interesting!


What’s the story description? :slight_smile:


Okay DEFINETELY trying this out :joy::joy:


I also got stuck on the 3rd episode. I think for me is that I got too excited and I want to rush things. Still take things steady, keep looking back at the last episode to see what you can add to this episode. I also planned/thought out scenes I made up on notes on my phone. That really helps cut down time.


Thank you lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Hai guys this is my story :wink:


I already love the cover art! Is it by you?


Yup I draw it…:grin:


The cover art is lovely! :blush:


if I shouldn’t can someone please let me fill out the google forum again so I can correct it, or am I suposed to have this one


If you have done it wrong you need to send a support ticket

@jesse might have more knowledge on which you use


I also do this one…


It is on settings on app


The first one - it is the url in the search bar


OKAY thank you so much! I sent the right one!!


15 days til the deadline y’all :cold_face: