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Hey guys, I’m not gonna finish my story in time, but it’s ok, because there’s always another contest, I mean, I feel really bad, I’m not gonna finish this one, but so much came up and I didn’t have enough time. I guess I’m just not supposed to do it.


I have 3 hours until the deadline, and how am I supposed to write 30,00 lines? It doesn’t make sense


Title: College Days: The Group Project
Author: kw.episode
Genre: Comedy
Style: INK
Story Description: It’s your first year of college, and already you’ve been thrown into a group project with members from hell. Will you pass the class, or will they drag you down? (CC)
Instagram: @kdubbsepisode


Good luck on your story :hugs::+1:t5:


Hello there please read my story this is the first contest story I have ever written and it would really mean a lot to me If you read it I would also love to read yours.

TITLE: College Days: Boy Trouble

INSTAGRAM: Kayls_episode


ABOUT: You finish your High School Life and start off with a new chapter of your life but what happens when a boy comes along and causes you more and more trouble in your College Life?

WRITTEN BY: Yours truly :slight_smile:



EPISODE: 5 (Currently writing 6)




Thank you honey :heart:


Thank you!
You can read 3 chapters right now, they are kinda long, hope you enjoy! For some reason I can’t attach the link or cover, but you can find the story via app.


Thanks! I’d love to get some feedback on the story also :grin: Sorry I can’t share the link, I think it’s because I’m new here, but you can find my story in the Episode App.


For everyone who has entered or hasn’t and has just read some chapters. How true to the first year of college do you believe you or the author stayed?


I will message you :smile:


Just published not to long ago! Super nervous I had to rush. :tired_face:


Guys, I can attach the link now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please, check my story, I’d love to read your thoughts about it!


:open_mouth: I finished episode 1 and oh my goodness! I think you have a pretty good shot at being one of the winners!


Okay, I give up on this XD :joy: Haven’t even started the scripting and I only have 1 and a half hours aHA


just wondering is there a way to make sure that I submitted the story into the contest correctly?


Finished all 3 chapters and I am so stoked for more! I’m not kidding. Superb writing and directing!


You get an email that your story is submitted.


I really so wish i had joined, I knew about this contest but i just didn’t want to join because i knew i’d rush it and i wanted to take my time


The contest closed like an hour and a half ago, right?


College Days: V-Card :heart: It’s out :heart: Welcome to read it :kissing_heart: 3 chapters till now but will soon be continued. 3 love interests, but points will decide who’s the winner of Ivana’s heart. :joy: I hope this story will make you laugh :smiley:

Title: College Days: V-Card
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
CC: Yes (+3 love interests)
Author App: Cora Mae Jones
IG Account: episode_jones
She’s smexy, she’s funny
and she ruled the college
since day one. Follow Ivana
and don’t miss out on how
she lost her v-card.
Link: Click Here