Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


i got a copy of my responses


I saved to my favorites so I can read tomorrow


We are all screwed.


thank you dear


S.Langdon has entered and it already has 2.7k reads…


Have you read it? It’s amazing :slight_smile:



I need to. But now I’ve given up. I ain’t gonna win


They choose multiple winners! Don’t give up :sunny:


I love how optimistic you are. It’s 6:48 AM where I am and I am too tired to function…


It’s 10:49 pm and I’m home cuddling my sick baby and feeling pumped about all these awesome stories. PM yours so I can add to favorites and read tomorrow


Hey guys!
Here’s my story, if anyone would like to read it. :smile:
College Days: Lucid Dreams


And it is now live!
Title - College Days: The Gifted Elite
Style - Limelight; Female MC with Full CC (We planned to have a Male one too, but we ran out of time)
Description: Living in a town where everyone hates magic, you are an outlier. Leaving to discover yourself and learn magic, you apply to the prestigious Sotaria Academy of Magic.
Episodes: 3 (Was supposed to be 4…but out of time)

Good luck to all entries! :hugs:


Good luck everyone! Your entries look awesome btw.


30,000 lines? Can’t you just post the first 3 chapters or I don’t know the rules? o.o


Hey :slight_smile: Me and @Mitt just published our story

Title: College Days: Professor De la Rosa
Style: INK
Genre: Comedy
Description: Professor De la Rosa is starting his first year teaching. How it will change his life? Will he keep his job or will he go back to being his bad boy self? 4 endings, Choices matter
Chapters: 3 (was supposed to be 4 but we didn’t make it :sweat_smile:)
Good luck to everyone! :black_heart:


Ew, what the hell??


I like that!


Thank you :grin:


hey guys!! i would be forever thankful if you could check out my story::heart:
Title: College Days: Double Threat
Author: Madalynn
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Description: Morgan goes from boarding school straight to the college…with her twin sister. When Draven Wilson puts his eyes on Morgan, will there be any twists because of the 2 similar faces?
Chapters: 3

im going to fix some typos and stuff later but yeah please give it a read💛