Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


I should not have started stalking this thread. I swear I just added like 30 of these to my reading list. They look too good!


Are we allowed to publish a new episode after the deadline?


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I’m wondering about this too. :thinking:
I already submitted a helper ticket, hopefully they’ll answer me and I’ll let you know too :grin:


Thank you


I’m already (proud, excited?, etc) about the contest entries so far. A lot have very unique premises and ranging in a variety of genres. I cannot simply read all of them though, at least fifty when I first searched them up.


Here’s my entry (it’s complete for those of you who read my other stories and know darn well I haven’t updated):
Description: Which steps carve the path to destruction? Maverick will find out but how late? { A fantastical tragicomedy like no other, some CC for MC}
I promise this story is one of the best ones I’ve written, in my opinion. The plot is twisted and very realistic in terms of life lessons, and I criticize a lot of the stuff I believe is wrong or off coughcoughmost issues with episode. I only have like 2 reads right now but a good story is a good story no matter the popularity :3. I don’t think I’m gonna win, but I’m proud of myself for pushing myself to write this. If you’re reading this and entered the contest, you should be proud of yourself too.


Story called: College Days: Gossip Secrets Lies
Description: Uni is hard when you’re on a scholarship & surrounded by elites of the upper east side- will you survive uni? Will you discover who anonymous is spreading Gossip Secrets and Lies? (CC)


Just want to tell you, I hope this wins. :open_mouth: It’s really good so far. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


UHHH OK wow I’m going to suggest you put a trigger warning on this story …


Aww thanks!!! <3


:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: YESSSSSSS! Can’t wait to start this one.


Plan on reading


Thank you @EpisodeShadow that means a lot to me :heart:


could some of you please give me some advice on the directing in my story, I’m really trying to improve my programming skills :relaxed:


OMG, thanks girl!!!


Thank you so much!!! :hearts:


People have said it was really good so nice job!


Really? Already? Thank you! :slight_smile:


  1. Remember that the amount of reads don’t equal a win. More readers actually mean more chances for people to not read all of my chapters and decrease my reader retention. I could very much lose.

  2. There will be multiple winners. Just because one story is getting reads or you think that some stories are awesome, doesn’t mean yours isn’t and that you can’t win as well.