Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


Hey, I kinda would like to do a kind of First Impressions of the stories I read so far:

My Alien Lover

One word: SHOOK. That’s saying something, since I don’t usually like that word. The directing and overlays freaking slay! Plus the setting of New Mexico and the alien concept is pretty fun. Already liking MC and Zee, man Zee. And I low-key want the Alien Bad Boy to be a thing now, makes more or less a funny excuse.

The Group Project

A college-set story ACTUALLY about a college thing?!? Yes. Ok, it’s a weird thing to praise, but overall it is a nice, short story on the struggles of carrying a whole group project. And MC and the LI’s relationship is so cute. A really light-hearted comedy, I love it!

Frat League (Freshman Footsteps)

First of all, having the authors as characters is interesting. Kinda sensing some Campus Crush vibes, and I love the perspectives of Johnny Legend and MC. Something about playing a super macho dude, I don’t know I just love. All of the characters are pretty fun, so have a read!

Professor De La Rosa

Another comedy, but this time in the perspective of a bad boy Professor. Relax, he’s happily married and dad to a baby boy. Other than some hiccups, it is another well-directed, polished story. They even have tappable overlays and timed choices. How unfortunate the third chapter ended on a cliffhanger! I mean, of course both authors also are characters in this, and they make up such a star-studded cast!

My Best Friend's Brother (I mean Father)

BFF, BFF, My Best Friend’s Father is the one for me! (Please someone get that reference.) I think I’ve only read Langdon’s Haute as Hell before, and in reference…let’s just say some of the outlandish elements might not be for everyone. But reading this for the first time, I sympathise with the MC and her need to get out of her shitty life. But as soon as her friend mentioned her dad, mhm. At least Nico is very nice, plus Author cameos.

Mysterious Northview

I absolutely love the premise. But I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it’s sort of over the place. Nevertheless, I love the villain.

A Whole New World

I’ve read a little sample out of like 100 stories so far, but this story is like the only one with a foreign student as the protagonist. Pryia is so admirable, preparing all her school life to help her community and family, yet unsure about herself. Plus I never been so whiplashed by drama left and right, but in a good way surprisingly. However, top tip, Do not trust Logan on his word, at least at first.

Aunt Flo Comes To Town

Bam! Just like that, Aunt Flo punches in and made me laugh. But this is the latest entry I’m reading so far, so I’m on the first chapter. Besides the gorgeous scenes and directing, I love omnipotent, godlike Aunt Flo. It reminds me of those Youtube videos which are skits about your period coming alive, not that I watch those. Plus the bouncing splash pages!

As I said before, thank the gods this contest has a lot of variety in plots and genres and whatnot. Then again, I’m reading mostly Drama and Comedy so far, so my palette isn’t as broad. Gonna read a whole bunch more when I’m not too busy.


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Thank you so much for this :black_heart:


Yeah, I loved reading this one so far? Santiago and Emma together are so cute together. And lol their high school backstory


Alien lover!? Yes please! Running off to read that now :smile:


You’re welcome!


Yep we tried to make fun of the typical cliche stories :sweat_smile::grin:


Also thank you so much, we are happy that’s you liked it :blush::black_heart:


Ah, yes! I love Venetia too. And the unrelated scenes will slowly come together. You just have to read carefully. The death of Adelinde is related to Luna’s death (obviously), the disappearance of Nayeon and Lucas is related to something else, and Arden’s mother? You will find out soon.

Edit: My story’s a mystery, but it should be a fantasy :joy:


my story is drama & mystery


We have made a fantasy story.

College days The Gifted Elite


Mine is romantic comedy :wink:


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So I actually wanted to enter but its over now, lol


My favorite college days entry is College Days: Psychology 101<3
I laughed so hard reading this :rofl: :revolving_hearts:
P.S If you’re feeling down or in a bad mood, then you’ll get cheered up by reading this comedic masterpiece :smirk: :sparkling_heart:


What will the contest be for December? :thinking:


Probably Valentine’s Day related


Already?? :open_mouth: I was hoping for a Christmas theme


The college days shelf won’t be out until December and usually the contests are every two months so if the pattern repeats, the next contest will be for February.


Very curious on what the theme would be on February.