Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


The last two have been Valentine’s related (Spotlight on Love and Cupid’s Arrow).


True, I get it, I meant what angle could they go for Valentine’s


I kinda wish there would have been a holiday themed story contest for December…


Lol a love story involving at least one of the following archetypes:

  • a teacher
  • a gang leader
  • a bad boy
  • a ghost
  • a rockstar
  • your best friend’s boyfriend/brother/father/uncle
  • your step-sibling
    Bonus points if you can include all of the above.


Ooh, maybe they can call the contest Kiss List :upside_down_face:

But for now I’m curious on what this month’s contest winners would be


My teacher is my best friends step-brothers dad who used to be a gang leader bad boy. Who quits his job to become a rockstar then dies to haunt me for the rest of the school year.


Ok, but this would’ve been a banger.


Heck I might write this now :joy:


I guess it is a bit fitting that I read some Romance entries now (plus a Fantasy which I forgot to mention earlier): (gonna add more soon)


It’s so unfair that I only read a bit of the beginning, but I like the look of the protagonists in the cover. Choices matter lot too, plus I giggled at the intro in the car. It slowly builds up to what I think would be the fantasy elements, but you’ll be pleased with the character interactions. Plus the Bribing options are pretty funny as well (if you know Calum, you’ll understand)

Return to Sender

It starts very beautifully, since both the Girl and Guy protagonists have well-developed backstories in the firs episode alone. At this point it’s setting up the meet-cute later at the end. Plus it reminds me how Ink needed new tattoos, the guys so far have the same sleeve. :upside_down_face:

Marley's Dream (a comedy, but I read Episode Axiom's insta for Snaccs lmao)

Imagine school which is part Hogwarts, part…Camp HalfBlood. Whatever, it has the interesting premise of learning to be wizards or fighters. I guess sure, that’s the world. And really Marley is such a mood, and since I picked Professional Fighting, a badass fighter as well. Seriously, her fight scenes are well-directed, and the characters hilarious. Her Marley and Thomas (not sure for other branch) are so cute together too!


Already, I am fascinated (in lack of a better word) with Izzy the MC. In the intro, even though she feels outta place with the Jesuit school, she can’t wait to branch out from her sheltered lifestyle. It’s interesting to see how families who adhere to religion/tradition are like, since my family is very the opposite. And might I say I love the two female LI so far, classic edgy one and childhood friend, but there’s something I just connect with each of them. Seriously, I swoon for all three! Plus, how does the author do the Incoming Call screen? It’s so cool!
Other interesting things: usually bisexual romance stories with female MCs have two male and one female LI; this is reversed with this story which is pretty cool. Also, the second person narrative really makes this more personal too.


You missed vampire :wink:


I wrote college days: sweet and nice feel free to check it out and leave feedback :heartpulse::heart_eyes:


Story- College Days: Emotions Overloaded,
Author- shona4b [ @shona_episode]
Genre- Drama
Style- Ink
Give my story a try.
This is my first story ever.
Thank you.


Mine is mostly Mystery - College Days: Code 2354 :wink:


Please write that.


Haha maybe after my college days entery! College days: I’ll Find You


I have to read that too!


Whoa, this is an insanely comprehensive list! Thank you for making it.

Also minor correction, my story name is Crystallized! (:

Thanks again for all your hard work in making this! :heart:


Whoops, I’m so sorry, corrected!
I’m glad that you all like it :blush:


Heyyo guys I also entered and I have a thread for R4R’s if anyone wants to do one together :slight_smile: Also good luck to everyone else :+1:


I recommend more choices in the story because there’s barley any…