Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!




I have published a contest entry as well called College Days: Kronus Elite and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a read for read :sweat_smile:


i would


Awesome, here’s the link to my thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure, I will keep that in mind.


Thanks for sharing it!


Is the next contest out yet?


I don’t think so


I hope the new contest comes out soon because I am in a “no-writers-block-zone” :laughing:


Same! I hope they release it so we can outline our stories. I hope there won’t be limits


Anyone had time to check my story?
College Days: V-Card


Check out my story!
Title: College days: sweet and nice
Story summary: Emma and her friend arrive at college, But Emma meets someone who will turn her world upside down. Will she fall for him
Story type: romance


Yes, and it’s impeccable!


Thank you :kissing_heart:


Who knows when the new contest will come out because I’ve been checking forums for the last few days persistently…? :smile:


Nobody knows. It should have been announced by now, judging from when previous contests have been, but they never tell us ahead of time when it will happen.


Well, they have to read all of the stories, and since there are lots of contestants it takes longer to finish reading all of them. But y’know, just a guess.


When is the new contest appearing?


read. above


Hey, I actually got a request! @Jemma1 (Jemma Rose)'s Death by Love (Since my last post, I got to read a heck more entries, and so far nothing didn’t impress me, so much I’m not so I can keep up with all of them :tired_face:)

Right off the bat, the directing is stunning, the opening alone is well-produced. It quickly establishes the protagonist Cammie’s backstory as well, and the premise which the plot unravels from. A lot of characters I like so far, like Mariana the sorority leader and one of the LI. The other Ethan’s pretty cute as well. I just love the psychological/horror Thriller aspects, the intrigue is rightly executed. Maybe I’am just a bit exaggerating since it’s the first time I see a silhouette character in an Episode story, but it is very awesome.

I only found a few mistakes in the third chapter, such as some repeated dialogue between Cam and Noah in the beginning, and Mia being mad at Cammie and inviting her to a sorority party even though I chose to sit next to her during Economics where she told her earlier. Also Ethan had no shirt on during that scene.

Really, though I am very in love with this as well!